Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nuclear Energy is the Next Logical Step

I just love this article on that explains why nuclear energy is the most sensible solution to the world's energy needs and a technology that will advance civilization but is restrained by special interests(e.g. government, OPEC).

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welfarism is Dead

Here are some great articles from and about the dangers of
the Welfare state.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

World Bank and IMF Atrocities

Here are links that allow you to understand the truth about the world bank and IMF. Despite all of the indoctrination imposed by our governments it is becoming increasingly evident to people that
the world bank and the IMF are the reason why Africa remains poor while countries like Hong Kong and Singapore turned out rich from being barren rocks 40 years ago. (History of money) (reasons to oppose IMF) (Neoliberal Onslaught) (capitalism is kidnapped) (What is globalization?) ( Parody site)

"The governing agents are not independent agents but reflect the distribution of power in the larger society. According to Adam Smith, the principal architects of power in England were the merchants and the manufacturers, who used state power to serve their own interests however grievous the effect on others. Smith's concern was the wealth of nations but he understood that the national interest is largely a delusion within the nation of sharply conflicting interests. To understand the policy and its effects we have to know where the power lies and how it is exercised. It is what later came to be called class analysis."

Free market education

Links to the best articles pertaining to education that fosters proactive attitude to learning, variety, learning at one's own pace, pursuing one's own passions, and not conforming to social standards.

An addtional article from ( long article):

History of Gold in Civilizations

These are links that point out to the role of gold throughout history. I have chosen sites that are more likely show the relation of gold to geopolitical and economic events like America's first Depression in 1800s. I hope this will be useful and please suggest other sites that focus on how gold affects power shifts around the world and trade wars.