Thursday, April 22, 2010

Common Sense Guide to Politics and Government


The maxim that one must adopt to understand the mechanism of government is that it functions through the initiation of violence, or more commonly known as taxation. Since the logic of a statist system is that of violence, it is intrinsically immoral.

Government actions are political. They are influenced by pressure groups and lobbyists and those who wish to gain at the expense of the taxpayer.

Government cannot provide the for the common good for there is no such thing. Even if there were a common good, there is no accurate way to decipher it nor is it possible to manufacture a policy for the common good. Government only provides the common bad as it is a tool used by the powerful to externalize their costs to the public.

Nothing ever changes in government except state growth and inevitable collapse(recessions). Government budgets always grow as new demand for it is created by the failure of previous government intervention.


Politicians are salesmen that sell false promises and hopes to ignorant voters. It surprises me that socialists dislike corporate advertising but are so drawn into the advertising in political campaigns which are infinitely more dishonest than commercial advertising.

Politicians have more incentive to do bad since they are not accountable for their own mistakes. Hence the saying, 'politics brings out the worst in people'.

Politicians are generally of the upper class. Philippine legislators have an average net worth of 10 million pesos and claim to be the champion of the poor.

Politicians view society as something to be manipulated and tinkered with. Therefore, the occupation of politician is inherently opposed to the free market. Compensation of politicians' come from taxation so they don't care about private property.

Politicians get to high office by demagoguery, good looks, deception and bribes. Using this set of talents as a means of getting into high office was justified centuries ago by Machiavelli, and unleashed the modern criminal state.

Politicians(and politics in general) elicit an attitude of barbarism in the masses. They elicit in them feelings of indignity towards a targeted group, usually the rich, and promotes an attitude of instant gratification. In this view, politicians actually stimulate and feed off of the inner hate and frustration of the masses. A frustration not of the victimized group, but really of previous political promises that have come asunder.

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