Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stop Defending the "National Image"!!!

I am disgusted of the fact that there are Filipinos who want to defend the actions of the Philippine government in handling the Manila hostage tragedy vis-a-vis talking with foreigners. These assclowns want to protect our 'national image' and 'national pride' by being apologizers for the state. I would like to ask these retards how exaclty does that improve any Filipino's lot in a substantial way, except make them ready to let go of the government's crimes and totally hand over their safety to the police thugs.

A person I know of is going to fly abroad and is actually preparing defenses for when curious foreigners ask about the terrible hostage crisis and the Philippine government. What he should do is berate and smear the Philippine government in front of foreigners. There's no reason to sacrifice individual pride to so-called 'national pride' which is merely an artifice used to sedate the childish and weak-minded. I remember the words of H.L. Mencken in saying that 'every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under'. How true for our times! Decades of heavy bureaucracy, politicized media stupidity and democratic propaganda have actually created a culture that is overly tolerant of the abuses of power, esteem-lowering, self-shaming, miseducated beyond the ability to reason, docile sheep!!!People who want to apologize for evil governments are subsidizing evil by excusing the government of its criminality.

There are actually some who are intelligent enough to know that the Philippine government is unsalvageable but continue to preach the gospel of 'democracy' and 'good governance' on the basis that 'pag-asa nalang ang natitira sa atin bakit mo pa iyan sirain'. While somewhat understandable, they do not realize that the dream has to come to an end and the longer you prolong the dream the worst the end is.The idea that we need to preserve hope in the hopeless is a result of the moral relativism and postmodernist bullcrap prevalent in the universities. If only these 'uplifters of spirits' looked at the facts --- say --- the national debt--- they will realize that they are doing a great evil by perpetuating a sick fantasy.

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