Monday, May 2, 2011

The idiocy of American Nationalism and the Corrupt Philippine Police and Military

It’s disgusting to see so many people praising the US government for its assassination of Osama bin Laden. Turning on Fox News reveals that national delusion is at an all time high in the US with footage of the ignorant American sheep waving the American flag in celebration of their government’s act of murder.

The enemy is not some bearded men carrying AK-47s living in caves in some backwater country. The real enemy of the American people is its government, which draws awesome power from the Federal Reserve System. Empires are always destroyed from the inside, when its people become infantilized and made dependent on the government, when the specter of total fiscal and monetary socialism looms on the horizon.

Here in the Philippines the government is propping up security measures to ward off possible retaliation from Muslim elements connected to Bin Laden. As a result, more money will go to the most corrupt bureaucracies in the Philippines, namely the police and military. The Philippines shouldn’t even be in this mess if its government did not enter into entangling alliances with the US government.

Here is a blog post in that says a lot about this stupid propaganda.

Every time the US waves the bloody shirt of Osama, it has a purpose. Obama has been drastically weakened in recent months, and the US has been hurt by murdering Gadaffi’s family members. The mass-killing in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc. is not going well. The economy is a wreck. Dollar debasement is speeding up. Gasoline prices are high. So…tah-dah…the body of Osama bin Laden for our edification and distraction. It may even be true. Certainly the CIA will assure us that its DNA test proves it.

UPDATE from Darien Sumner:

In re: Osama bin Laden’s death, here are the first three things that went through my mind:

1) Congratulations to the United States government on spending only ten years and a few trillion dollars to kill one old man.

2) This means we get all of our liberties back now, right? And our money? And the thousands of lives lost?

3) Ah, now the Libyan war is beginning to make a lot more sense from a political standpoint. The government needed a new bogeyman to chase.

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  1. I agree with most of your blogposts but I think I lost you here. SHould we criticize the Allies of WWII as well for spending millions of lives and billions of money to fight against Hitler and Japanese Imperialism?

    Liberty is always jeopardized in wartime, at least this time we are not forced to ration our food for warbonds. Hopefully everything will be back to "normal", of course if another 9-11 should happen then let the blame game begin and ironically blame the government for being 'too complacent'.

    Lastly, these people have the right to celebrate OBL's death. Just as a family of a murder loved one would find closure in the death of the loved one's killer. I'm not American but a lot of families have in one way or another affected by it. True many of their sons, fathers, even daughters and mothers fought and died. Its not nationalism, Americans aren't the only ones celebrating. Even if it was so, they have the right to be jubillant.

    I also recommend steering clear from these conspiracy nuts. They never really offered anything helpful except get rich by spreading sensational misinformation. I know. I used to believe in these people.