Saturday, October 29, 2011

Favorite examples of statist cognitive dissonance

On Regulation

Leftist: Corporations own the government

Libertarian: I agree. But the State is what enables corporations to be anti-competitive and externalize costs onto the public. Hence should decrease the power of the State by eliminating taxes and regulations.

Leftist: But corporations are evil and should be regulated.

Libertarian: By what?

Leftist: The Government!!!

On Taxes and George Bush Jr.

Leftist: The greedy rich don’t pay their fair share. Tax them more!

Libertarian: The rich pay the most taxes in America. Close to half of Americans are net beneficiaries of the State and don’t pay taxes at all.

Leftist: Nonsense. Inequality increased under Bush with his tax cuts!

Libertarian: Bush Jr. also added 81,000 pages of new regulations in the federal register and increased government spending so much that it almost doubled the US national debt. Sounds like a president you should praise.

Leftist: Bush was evil. He was pro-rich. Pro-greed.

Libertarian: So you don’t want the Bush administration to have more MONEY and POWER?

Leftist: No.

Libertarian: Then you should support the Bush tax cuts.

Leftist: Huh? What are you talking about? Tax the greedy rich!!!

On Outsourcing

1. Leftists complain about corporations 'exploiting' workers.

2. Then they sic the minimum wage, regulations, and taxes on corporations.

3. Corporations respond by taking their production facilities to China.

4. Leftists then complain that corporations aren't 'exploiting' workers in the US anymore.

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